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Your Emergency Pocket Lab

New Possibilities for Healthcare

We’re enabling healthcare professionals to measure the real blood concentration  directly from a drop of blood at the point-of-care. Our testing process is fast & simple and the result is available in a minute. Our testing equipment consists of a standard mobile phone, an affordable & small device and mass-producible & disposable test strips.

Our technology has been under research and constant development in Aalto University for years. Further testing, clinical trials and test strip development are ongoing.

This pocket size lab will open a lot of new possibilities for healthcare. Our first focus areas are in:

  • Acute care: paracetamol, opioids and other pain medicine
  • Therapeutic monitoring: transplants, kidney and liver
  • Femtech: fertility and menopause

Member of the Mayo Clinic Innovation Exchange

Our Solution


Simple, fast and relatively painless finger prick sampling on our patented test strip.

Pocket size

Test strip is inserted in a pocket size device connected to a mobile phone.


The results are available in a minute and transferred securely to central cloud for analysis leveraging algorithms and machine learning.


Our machine learning processes the results and return the analysis to the user.

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Business Model

Our business model is a combination of licensing the technology to subcontractors & clients and providing the machine learning based analytics software using the SaaS-model (white label & own brand).

All the anonymous analytics data will be owned by us to allow the machine learning algorithms continuously improve as the database grows.

Revenue is generated from manufacturing license deals (fixed fees & royalties), commercial license deals (fixed fees, milestone payments & royalties) and SaaS-service fees (fixed fees & analysis based).

We’re opening discussions with potential clients and looking forward in starting common projects to get our solution into the market in the near future.

Clinical Studies

Early clinical
study #2

In the second study we have collected 200 samples from patients with suspected paracetamol...

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Early clinical
study #1

Our prototype sensors were being validated in a small-scale human study. In this study par...

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Production Pilot

We recently demonstrated large-scale roll-to-roll compatible production of our electrochem...

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and Careers

After running the project last few years at the Aalto University with R2B funding from Business Finland our start-up was incorporated in February 2022.

During the spring of 2022 we closed the seed round with Almaral Oy as the lead investor. When combined with governmental grants and loans this should get us over the next clinical tests, close the first licensing deals and finalize the commercial test kits and the software platform (mobile app & cloud-based machine learning system).

We strongly believe that our proven and protected technology, great team, the targeted multi-billion market, huge customer value, clear market traction and multiple logical exit options will be enough to convince both private and governmental investors in the future too.

We currently have a seven-person experienced and accomplished team, advisors from Aalto University & Helsinki University hospital and a committed manufacturers for our readers & sensors.

For new recruits we’re offering a fast-growing, born global deep tech start-up that’ll make a difference in the diagnostics market. We’re also reserving a notable option pool for our key recruits and for the board & advisors.

In Q2/22 we were accepted into the Health Incubator Helsinki -program. This unique long-term business development environment for research-based health sector startups helps us by providing a home base in Meilahti, targeted training and peer support.

In Q1/24 we were accepted into the Mayo Clinic Innovation Exchange, underscoring our dedication to innovation in healthcare. Mayo Clinic Innovation Exchange was launched to provide premier medical and business insights, as well as the connections needed to bring breakthrough innovations to market



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